About the Artist

AboutImage 2Michele Catino is an artist currently residing in North Texas outside of Fort Worth. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from SUNY Binghamton and has worked in Training and Development field in the corporate world. She is now fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue her creative passion full time.

Michele likes to work with photography and also paints in watercolors, oils, and acrylics. She often turns to nature for subject matter and creative topics.


“I am sure that I inherited my creativity from my parents since both of them are artists at heart. I have always been a creative person and find I must be creative in some way in order to be content and happy with my life. “

“I consider myself an artist, not necessarily a photographer, and my camera as one of the many tools with which I create. I find I have to be creative in some way, in order to find inner peace. I think everyone has to find their passion in life and use it, do it, produce it or connect with it in some way to find fulfillment. A passion is what makes a person feel whole or full or in balance and with this inner harmony the rest of life’s challenges and opportunities can fall into place.”

Finish Line


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